May 09, 2015

Dandelion Dreams

I love dandelion bouquets and my kids love to pick them for me.

My kids tagged along as I delivered some VIP invitations to an upcoming Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert.  As I was visiting with a friend from Interfaith, I kept Eve and Ben busy by oohing and ahhhing over every dandelion head they picked me.  They were good pickers!

The dandelion heads in my hand got wilted and so hot that my hands turned yellow reminding me of the baby pee dandelion stories of my youth.  On the way home I accidentally wiped my eyes with my dandelion hands and I was attacked by stinging itchiness.  As I tried to drive, tears dripped down my cheeks.  My hands were so covered that I had a difficult time wiping away the sting without making it worse.  Ha!

Oh how I love my life!
We all should have dandelion problems.

This is the 20 yards of mulch that we will be spreading this week... It is A LOT.
This made me laugh.

I spoke yesterday to Tully Juniors and Seniors.  They are cute kids who raised their hands to say they will donate blood this June.  

I love the Red Cross.

I love her freckles and his green nail polish toe (sisters).
I love having buddies at Costco.
I DON'T love trying to park my van in small city parking lots!  I hit this car trying to get out of my spot. Darn it!!

Today I'm going to do something and enjoy what I'm doing.  
I'm going to cherish the dandelion bouquets AND the pollen in my eyes. 
Because life is like that.
Every rose has it's thorn.
Every Spring has it's work!
Every large 15 passenger van has it's parking mishaps.
Every thing we do in life requires fortitude and effort.
I'm so grateful I am here to experience it.
Life is so good.


Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

We drive a 15 passenger van, too. I haven't hit anyone else (yet?) but I did back into a fire hydrant one time. The hydrant survived, but we still have the dent in our bumper . . . 9 years later.

Shauna Thompson said...

Love that dandelion picture!

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