July 17, 2015

Day 1: Plattsburgh Ferry

So, by far the coolest thing that happened to us today was running into my little brother, Aaron.  There were way too many factors to call this a coincidence- it was meant to be.
While we were waiting to drive onto the ferry onto Vermont, we saw someone on the side of the road.  Ellie said, "Hey, that looks like Aaron."  I yelled out the window, "Aaron!" And, low and behold, my little brother answered back!!
It was SO fun to see him and meet his girlfriend, Alice.
The ferry was a fun intermission to our drive.
And snapping moments like this-- really make these trips worth the effort required to plan them.
I felt that God was truly in our midst as we had a moment to spend with someone we love so much.  It was not coincidental that we left later than we had planned or that Aaron missed the first ferry he was hoping to take.  If he wasn't walking, we would never have seen him.  This was a fun, tender mercy!  I love that.

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