July 03, 2015

Oh, What Do You Do in the Summertime?

We dance in the rain.
Visit the dentist.
Fish in the lake.
Pick in the fields.
Eat a little.
Bring home a lot.
Make strawberry jam.
We wiggle into swim suits.
And swim with "cwocadiles".
We float.
And swim.
We canoe and boat.
Sometimes Dad is with us.
And sometimes Mom and Dad sneak away.
Sometimes Mom sneaks away without Dad.
We play card games.
We steal Mom's phone at the library.
We take 20 blurry pictures of our friends.
We go grocery shopping.
And take 20 pictures of beautiful produce.
We serve others with people we love.
And some days we get four shots and a lollipop.
We make messes.
We read books constantly.
We take funny face selfies.
We work some.
We play some.
We are outside a lot, barefoot.
We have friends over often.
And we are almost always together.

We love Summer.
Life is good.
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