January 28, 2016

When You're Tired...

Eve got out of bed three times last night. She went into Ben's room and together they tiptoed, giggled, and hid from me. They had a little bench pulled up to the window and they were looking for daddy who was working late. 

I might normally have gotten upset, but honestly I was too tired to get upset. I gently put Ben back to bed (again), and led Eve to her bedroom. A stroke of inspiration led me to point out the frost on her window and remind her that Jack Frost was coming. I tucked her into bed, snuggled her in tightly, and told her to be very still. I tickled her face and blew on her nose, and clapped. I asked her what she wanted to dream about because sometimes Jack Frost brings beautiful, magical dreams. She was really thinking as I suggested flying horses and rooms full of candy. 

She said confidently, "I want to dream I'm a mother (mothew)." And then added with a smile, "A mothew bird with eight eggs." Sweet girl. Gentle promptings. When I went to shut her door she told me confidently that I could leave it open because she would NOT get out of bed again. And she didn't. 

Sometimes being tired helps us to rely on those gentle promptings more. I would have missed that sweet moment if I had allowed self-pity to justify anger. I agree my little Eve, motherhood is the stuff the best dreams are made of.


Elicia Gregg said...

I am so glad to see a blog post! I have been missing them. I am sorry you are feeling so terrible. You are doing an amazing job as a mother and wife - even if you don't feel like you are right now. One step at a time and day by day you will regain the strength and health that you need to feel like you again.

L said...

I love the way those little minds work! So beautiful and thinking.
Glad to see a post!


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