February 14, 2016

Family and Banana Cake

I brushed Lily's hair this morning as we were getting ready for church.  I didn't have time for anything fancy, I just parted her hair in the middle and braided the two front sections.  By the time church got out it had fallen in her eyes.

I'm not the sweetest mother.  I wish I was a more cuddley mom and that I always spoke with a gentle, kind tone.  I don't, especially on Sunday mornings.  

But, tears filled my eyes as I brushed Lily's hair this morning.  Sweet, sweet Lily-- she is the one child I can count on to always follow through when I ask her to do something.  I love that child.  I love all of my children.  I love being a mother and I thank God for the opportunity I have been given to spend my days mothering.

Leah came in my bedroom last night to remind me to order the third set of Warrior books.  She has read the first two sets (12 books) since Christmas.  Her hair was messy and she was a bit sassy. She was wearing her favorite (It's a fox life) shirt with her cute skirt, and I just LOVED her.  Oh how I love that freckled faced beauty.  I love her spunk, I love her goodness, I love her bravery, I love her mind.  I feel so blessed to be her mom.
Here is a blurry picture I have on my phone, it is of a night when I was gone at a meeting late.  The kids cooked themselves dinner, set the table, and they were all sitting down to eat when I got home.  Oh how I love these kids.  

My boys are superstars.  They are the best babysitters, the best cooks, the best helpers.  Sometimes they are too rough with their sisters or too sassy with their father, but they are my rocks.  I can always count on them.  They're strong and good and steady.  Everyday they empty the dishwasher before I wake up, without being reminded.  They care for the animals.  They get good grades.  They excel at all they do.  

This morning it was -23 degrees and my van had a hard time starting.  I only knew because Jakob was out trying to warm it up for me.  Drew suggested that we have family prayer.  Our neighbor came by to help and our van started right up.  Those boys keep me going.
These girls!!  Honestly, I teased them today that they were 7 and 8 on my ranking of favorite children.  They are so snotty sometimes to each other mostly and to me sometimes-- I hate it.  I'm afraid I'm snotty right back to them too often.  I wish I could just snap them out of that bad habit and help them to truly be best friends.  But, aside from the occasional attitude they are both WONDERFUL.  They are so fun and creative!  They plan parties, they're kind friends, they decorate and sing and they're funny.  I love their unique styles and their similar confidence.  They are helpful and they pull through.  These ladies will be good mothers.  They are good in their core.
This little Eve, she is my gift.  She just radiates joy.  She hugs and kisses me throughout the day.  Even when my mind is far away, Eve pulls me back.  She is a wonderful thermometer- if I am kind she obeys, if I am cranky she does not.  Todd and I often ponder all we would have missed out on if we didn't have eight kids.  Eve-- she is just a gift.
He's beautiful and he's so good.  His heart is kind.  He's so funny and so smart.  He still doesn't speak much, but he communicates and teases.  He yells at Rocco, "Ruff, Ruff, Ha, Ha!" And runs, daring Rocco to chase him.  That boy and his dog are so cute together.  Ben reminds me of everything I have loved about mothering.  He is my full circle wholeness.  Today he wore a pair of blue socks from Baby Gap or Old Navy, they are almost too small.  I remember buying those socks for Jakob's first church outfit, a blue polo, khaki pants, and a leather braided belt.  My oldest and my baby... Oh, the circle of life.
This was a typical Sunday evening.  Todd was tickling Eve, Lily, and Ben on the couch.  Rocco was waiting for me to throw him his toy.
Ellie was cutting the banana cake she had just baked.  Anna was talking to me. Drew was teaching Leah a piano lesson. And Jakob was reading in the basement.

My kitchen was a mess.  The living room was littered with stuff that didn't belong.  My house was messy.  And our home was filled with love.  We were together.  We are almost always together.

I love my messy, noisy, busy, beautiful life.

My whole life I have tried to make my life less messy and I honestly haven't figured out how to do that yet.  But, I have learned to love the mess.  
A lot.

A normal, ordinary, messy banana cake kitchen life is so good.

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Melissa said...

You don't know me. And it is rare that I ever comment on a blog of someone i don't know, but tonight your words spoke to me and I appreciate that. I'm not even sure how I found your blog, since I really don't read blogs, but I admit I check yours regularly. I am LDS, have 7 kids and sometimes wonder how i got myself into this mess. :) But like you, I have learned to embrace the mess and all it symbolizes. I love how you are positive, but don't sugar coat everything to look perfect and easy. I appreciate your raw feelings. You speak truth. Thank you. ~Melissa

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