March 03, 2016

Green Food Coloring


I enjoyed a morning trip to the grocery store, and the Professor offered to work from home and watch the little ones.

It seems we need to up his multi-tasking skills.  Ben sure gave him a run for his money.  
This incident felt so nostalgic to me.  I vividly remember the great messes that Jakob and Drew used to make 15 years ago.  It's been awhile since we've had true distruction.

This one might get me new carpet.
(Under the desk in the family room.)

Oh, I love this life and this cute boy.
Even if they are both a bit messy sometimes.


Kristen said...

The green really brings out the blue in his eyes!

Brooke said...

Haha! He is adorable.

Jen, just this morning while Will was snuggling me on the couch (he has an ear infection and he and I stayed home from church) I was imagining life with eight children. Whenever I'm this pregnant I imagine how many more times I'd have to do it for more kids. I really, really hope that this one isn't our last one. I'm not asking for eight UNLESS that's what's right, but I love big families. Yours is precious. I love you all!

Christine suldinger said...

haha that look hes giving you... as if its your fault lol

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