June 13, 2016

Little Things I Love About My Big Family

The Professor has been in Norway at a conference all week.  When he's gone, my big kids feel like my partners.  There are small moments of tension or silly arguments, but for the most part my kids are helpful and easy.

I watched them this morning and I wanted to freeze a snapshot of this time.

While I was showering Jakob knocked at my door and then said, "Nevermind, I'll tell you when you're out."  Later he described how he touched Lily's hand and then said "Lily, time to wake up."  When he said her name she jumped and they both laughed about this all morning.

Eve has Kindergarten round-up today.  She has been anxiously awaiting this day.  I said she was taking a test to see if she's ready for school.  Leah and Lily both corrected me sweetly explaining to Eve that this was just a time to talk to a teacher to see what class she'll be in.  Nothing to be nervous about at all.

When they got out of the car to go to school, they yelled back, "Eve, you'll do so good today!"  Eve yelled to them, "Thanks, I hope you do very well at your school work today too!"  Heart melting, sweet girls.

Jakob fixed Ben a bowl of steel-cut oats and was helping him sit in his highchair.  Ben was pointing to a chair at the little table where Eve was sitting and doing his best to explain that he did not want to sit in the highchair.  While he was fussing, he slipped and almost fell off the highchair.  Jakob was right next to him, so was Drew.  They both grabbed him.  He didn't get hurt, but began to cry because he was startled.  Watching my two 16 and 17 year old boys, hug and comfort their three year old brother, melted my heart.  They really are darling!  Drew said, "Ben, it's ok.  You just did a Ninja.  Ninja's are fast and strong."  Jakob convinced Ben to sit and be safe, promising he could eat lunch at the little table.

Anna called to Ellie asking her to come help her zip up her dress.  Ellie ran right upstairs.  (Rollerblading together at night IS bonding them.) 

Lily asked Jakob to make her a sandwich and Jakob said, "You can do it Lil!  I already packed the rest of your lunch and got out all the sandwich stuff for you."

Drew read a scripture and explained how it applied to our lives today.  We are usually happy, but running late when the Proffesor is out of town.  Scripture time is a bit more casual.

Yesterday for church, I fixed 3 sets of pigtails.  We are squished on our church pew, sitting by friends.  I had YEARS of struggling through church.  It isn't hard anymore.  My big kids are so helpful and only sometimes annoying.  We are not perfectly reverent.  But, we're always together on Sunday and we're happy.  
I remember being a little girl and seeing large families at church.  I always wanted a family that took up a whole pew.  Now I have one.  It's the best.

Eve just brought me a brown box and announced that we got another package.  I asked her what was in it and she slyly smiled that she thinks it's another kitten.  Poor kitty was in the box!  

Sweet Princess will be glad when Eve goes to Kindergarten.  

Yesterday, Eve and Ben had the kitten outside.  They said they were "Teaching her how to climb trees."  I couldn't find the cat one morning and asked Ben and Eve where she was.  Ben took my hand and led me to a cupboard where a sweet little kitten sat patiently, wrapped in Ben's blankie, waiting for someone to open the door.  Sweet, sweet Princess Cinderpaws.

The other day, Ben had cat food in his hand and he said, pointing to the empty food dish, "B eed da itty at? Peez, B eed da itty at?  See?  Not!"  (He was asking if he could feed the kitty cat, telling me there was no food in her bowl.  He's talks like a real-life tweety bird.) He is so cute and talking more lately even though he still leaves off those first sounds.  

I helped at our local blood drive again this year.  It is so fun to see all the good people in Tully who donate blood.  I love working with my friend Lori Snow and spending the afternoon talking to her.  There are so many good people in the world.  Drew donated for the first time and he did great.  He said he felt best about it afterwards when he asked to see his blood.
All the kids helped.  Lily was so cute at the recovery table offering drinks and explaining to everyone how they can donate books for refugees. 
After the blood drive, I headed up to speak at a friend's baptism.  I spoke about the Holy Ghost and said that he is gentle like a dove, but powerful like the Incredible Hulk.  I'm pretty sure nobody will forget that talk, they are already teasing me about it.  Ha.
We are getting more active as a family.  I am fatter than I've ever been and so is Todd.  I got a Fitbit and have loved recording my motion.  I especially love that the more I move, the more my kids move.  They have been playing outside and rollerblading together most nights.  My favorite thing is that there is always a crowd of chicken and our little bunny hopping near them while they play.  I'm so grateful for this season of life.
Life is good!!
Happy Monday Friends!
Todd comes home today!


Stephanie said...

You are an inspiration! What a blessing children and families are. Thanks for sharing these sweet tidbits from your life.

Handsfullmom said...

Beautiful. I can see many of the same blessings. So sweet when they so genuinely love each other.

Handsfullmom said...

Beautiful. I can see many of the same blessings. So sweet when they so genuinely love each other.

Brooke said...

I love how your kids take care of each other!!! Sweethearts.

Carrie Crosland said...

So fun to read about your sweet cute family. I yearn for a big family. But, it's not to be. I guess we find joy in what we have! You do well with a crowd;)!

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