June 01, 2016

Top 10 in May

1. Jakob went to his first prom.  It was surprisingly low-key.  Thank goodness my oldest was a boy because we were pretty funny trying to figure out how to order a corsage, I'll be a pro by the time my girls are old enough.  

Jakob doesn't date a lot (dating is pretty unheard of here in NY), but I am always impressed at the girls he chooses.  Sofia is a Senior (Jakob's a Junior) and she's wonderful.  Everywhere I went people would tell me how much they liked her and how glad they were that Jakob had asked.  

Jakob's promposal was pretty unique, we don't know of anyone else in the school who asked in a creative way.  He got a box of pink helium balloons that he drew pigs on, Hershey Kisses, Butterfingers, and peach rings.  He said, "Now that I've made pigs fly, kissed the ground you walk on, and buttered you up, would you be a peach and go with me to prom?"  He did it at school and the video circulated around town.  One teacher was crying she thought it was so sweet.

There are not a lot of Mormon LDS youth where we live and that does have some disadvantages.  But, our family has found that the world is FULL of good people of every religion.  Although we have high standards of modesty, I will say that I felt Jakob's date and so many of the girls I saw that night were beautiful and modestly dressed.  

The best group of mothers and students planned a prom night free of alcohol and where everyone ate together a nice, catered meal and went to a big trampoline park after the dance.  I love this little town I live in.  I didn't feel nervous at all while he was gone.

2.  We adopted a sweet little kitten "Princess Cinder-Paws".  She was named before we got her and Lily (who is the proud new owner), thought this was a purrrrfect name.  Princess had a rough start in life.  She was crushed and thought to be dead.  Her leg was broken when we got her and doctors had told the previous owner that the fact that she lived was a miracle.  We believe in miracles and this little kitty has nestled snugly into our abundant life.  She really is so sweet.  She has an M on her face- for Moss.
3. Todd had a work trip to Germany and London.  He was able to visit my aunt and uncle who live in Ware.  I was extremely jealous of every picture he sent home, but was so happy that he had that opportunity.  We will not discuss Todd's beard.  He is growing it for the Palmyra Pagaent.  I believe I have a few sensory issues (I hate to clap and silky fabric freaks me out).  I also have a VERY hard time kissing beards, even beards attached to men I really LOVE to kiss.

4.  My dad came to visit and he painted my basement!!  Honestly, new paint CHANGED MY LIFE.  My basement felt like a new house.  It is so bright and clean.  There were so many holes leftover from the previous owners.  He is going to work his way through my whole house.  New paint and new carpet will be so refreshing.

His painting inspired me to organize!  I really sorted out my toys and my whole storage room.  It is never finished, but it's getting there.

5. My mom and brother came to visit, from Florida.  It is always nice to visit with family and my brother Matt is one of my favorites.  They were only here for a couple days. It was too short.

6. I went as a chaperone with my middle-school girls to Darian Lake Six Flags.  
Honestly, I love roller coasters but they TERRIFY me.  I scream the whole time.  It was so fun to be terrified. 

7. Ben is out of diapers!!! 
17 years of my life I found joy in cleaning, loving, and bonding while I changed diapers.  I lived that stage fully and I will not miss it.

We have rediscovered PlayDoh.  Every day.  Homemade is best.  They play for HOURS.  I love PlayDoh.

8.  I was SO blessed to meet sweet Sister Linda Reeves, Sister Jones, and Sister McConkie when they came to visit Central New York.  These women serve in the General Presidencies of our   Church.  They are good, holy, humble women.  I felt God's love for me through their touch and heard Him in their words. 
9. We had a fairly quiet Spring.  My kids are involved but not excessively involved in sports, lessons, clubs, etc.  This has been a quieter stage of life and I just want to remember it.  We play outside a lot.  Our farm animals are dreamy.  Our yard is dreamy.  We play games, we sneak out for Icecream.  We have friends over.  We have a no tv, no video game, try to do something besides movies rule. We're focusing on DOING more together and it is really fun.
10.  How am I feeling?  I feel good.  Spring is in my soul!  My lung, swelling, weird autoimmune issues have cleared up.  I'm fat (from steroids) and out of shape.  Todd and I both are.  We need to get moving!

I LOVE this beautiful weather.  Although I never made it very far with Whole 30 (way too extreme for me), I am eating healthier.  I'm walking everyday, outside.  I'm going to bed early (by 9 or 10) and waking up early (by 5 or 6).  My food focus is little meat, whole grains, fruits and veggies, nothing ridiculously expensive or extreme.  I'm trying herbs to heal.

I still have a large, complex cyst on my ovary and they want to do surgery to remove it.  The thought of more surgery is really not attractive to me.  I just spent too much money on some highly recommended Chinese herbs that are supposed to help calm and then nourish my insides.  Hopefully, after a few months on these herbs my cyst will shrink naturally (although it is not the shrinking type of cyst).  I've never tried anything like this before, but I have a lot of respect for Eastern medicine.  Todd and I figured it was worth a try.  Hope with me!

I hear people talking all the time about finding themselves, caring for themselves, loving themselves more.  All I have to say about that is that my life is very rarely about myself and I am having so much fun!  

Yes, there are many days when I'm drowning and overwhelmed.  I'm never as good as I wish I were and I'm certain I'm not as physically attractive or stress-free as I would be if I focused on myself for the past 20 years.  I don't get pedicures, I wash laundry while my husband eats lamb and mint pie in England, I haven't gotten a tan in four years.  My life is full and overwhelmingly wonderful.  I can't imagine a life without prom, roller coasters and PlayDoh.  Loose yourself and ye shall find yourself.  

I'm tired and happy and I wake up each day filled with purpose and power.
My family is my treasure.
My life is real and eternal.
I'm so grateful to be alive, to be a mother, to be a member of this New York community and to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Life is beautiful and so good.


kristine barr said...

You sound happy! Glad to hear it.

Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

I'll add a ditto to kristine's comment. :)

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