July 03, 2016

Hill Cumorah Pageant-- Day 2

I took a nap today and that made all the difference.  Ha!

I started the day a little down, but I'm ending it happy and hopeful.

The weather has been lovely.   The kids really are so good.  We are making some new friends and the schedule is beginning to make sense to us.
This morning I asked our camp directors if anyone ever left Pageant NOT liking it. 😂 (I had only heard of very positive experiences prior to signing up.)  I should have expected they would tell me that, like everything else in life, the hard beginning makes the ending so much sweeter.

I'm sure I'll be talking more about my part in Pageant.  I wanted to be background but I was given a small speaking part (it figures- God always calls on me to speak).  

Ancient American prophets had prophecied that a Savior would be born in Jerusalem.  Years past from the prophecy and non-believers were ready to put the believers to death.  I'm certain the believers were beginning to lose hope  waiting for the sign that they had been promised.  The non-believers promise to kill the believers when the sun sets.  

As the sun is setting, a bright, new star lights the sky over Bethleham and shines in the Anericas.  My part is to say, "A STAR!  A new star!l"  (Basically I'm the female lead.) 😉

Do you know what I love about this part?  I feel like I am HOPE!  In a small way I want to say to the whole world-- Hang on!!  Jesus Christ IS our Savior!  Our Father in Heaven hears us and answers our prayers.  We do have prophets on the Earth today.  You are loved and saved from death.  A STAR!  A new star!!
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