December 09, 2016

Hope Returned

Isn't it so good that bad days are followed by better days?

All behind-the-scenes issues were resolved and Ben did so well at his Speech Therapy today.  

Todd and I went out to lunch at a MEXICAN restaurant.  The first Mexican food we've eaten since moving to the North East.  We've missed it.  

While we were talking after the session, I mentioned that Jakob was diagnosed with dyslexia as a child.  Ben's therapist wondered if I felt there were any similarities between Ben and Jakob, and there are.  Many similarities!  I took a very deep breath.  DYSLEXIA-- I can do dyslexia.  Mind-mouth connections.  Yes.  Really smart, just learns differently.  Yes.  Early intervention is super helpful and a sign that I'm a good mother not a sign that I've failed.  Yes.  

Did you feel ten pounds of weight just lift off my shoulders?  Yes.  My baby is going to be fine. 

I had the most interesting conversation with the Superintendent about the county wide need for School Psychologists.  School Psychologists perform the tests and create plans for children requiring Special  Education.  They work with teachers to develop strategies to help students.  

This conversation peaked my interest and Todd and I spent the rest of the day researching and discussing the possibility of my returning to get my Masters in School Psychology when Ben goes to Kindergarten.  

Could I really have 8 children and work outside the home and do both jobs well?

Todd thinks I can.  He has always wanted me to go back to school and he knows how much I would love a job like this.  My family and home life really does run pretty smoothly.  Anna said she would love to see me in school and that we could do homework together.  Todd has a very flexible schedule.  We really might be able to do this.  Am I selling my birthright for a bowl of porridge?

Anyway-- I have some time to think and pray about this.  It's fun to have a few things to think about.  

My kids are doing an online Seminary class and last night they were supposed to wear Santa hats for Skype.  Drew was so creative and used a scarf and a face mask to create--
I love him.
Life is good.
Hope you had a great day also.


Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

You're right--you're not a failure for early diagnosis. You're a great mother!

But I know the heavy feeling of been there-done that. Our 7th is showing lots of signs that she's going to be like our 1st, and while she is a wonderful girl, she's also been much of a challenge. Have we learned enough to do this again?

Thank goodness for prayer and personal revelation. Whatever Heavenly Father asks you to do, you can rest in Him.

jenifer said...

Fly-- oh, so many mixed emotions in that comment. My biggest feeling is that at least you know how to help number 7 because of your experience with number 1. It feels less lonely for both of them. But, hard. You CAN do this and do it beautifully. God trusts you with his special ones. 😘😘

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