July 14, 2017

Huffington Post-UK Shows My MUMBOD

jenifer moss

So, an article I wrote was published in the Huffington Post-UK for a column they are doing celebrating "MUMBODS".  My aunt read a similar article and sent me a note encouraging me to tell my story. I say down for an hour, typed up a small email, and sent it off.  They wrote back asking me to make it longer and wanting to include pictures and then I got an email saying I was published and on the front page.

I loved that my article was right next to an article about the benefits to sleeping naked.  Perhaps we could have linked MUM BODS to naked sleeping in some way?

Anyway, here is the link if you would like to read it.


I'm certain there are still some people in the world who haven't seen my cute, scarred tummy.

I hope you are well, my long lost blog friends.

I miss you.

I miss blogging.

I am in graduate school full-time and I am loving it.

Life is good!


Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

That's a very moving article. No wonder your story was front and center!

Wishing you success in grad school!!!!

(PS There's a fairly recent BYU devotional about women and education. I'm loving it--still working on trying to finish listening to it. You might love it, too.)

A Saunders said...

Thank you for sharing, so many mom's need to remember that's it not just about the inconvenience of pregnancy but the creation of a body for an eternal soul. Love reading your thoughts you are able to articulate what I feel too. Bless you!

jenifer said...

I LOVED that devotional!!
(I logged on this morning to write about it!)

Thanks friends for still finding this long, lost blog after a season of off-time.

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