November 17, 2009

backwards day...

and we have backwards day... as different as the kids in my family.
jakob- underwear on the outside
drew- church clothes backwards
anna- hair and shirt backwards
ellie- pants inside out

 the kids are dressing up for school...  if they bring 2 cans they can dress-up.
the cans are donated to a local food bank.
i had to buy 56 cans for my kids to participate.


Tiffany said...

Seriously--what is it about Texas and dressing up for school? We don't even do it HALF the amount of days here that we did it in Lubbock. Don't miss trying to come up w/enough cans of food for them to "dress up" either. I mean, yes, I know it's for a good cause... But I still don't miss it!:-)

valerie in TX said...

your kids are great. :) LOVED the rock star day! it's like pulling teeth to get my kids to dress up...more so with J than K. I love dress-up days...breaks up the monotony. :)

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