November 17, 2009

family night... all about ellie

for family night tonight we focused on ELLIE!!
ellie picked out her FAVORITE dessert for the treat- cotton candy sherbet push pops
her FAVORITE game to play- Hi Ho Cheery OH!
i printed out an All About Me sheet (see here) and had each kid fill out what they thought Ellie's favorites were.  
My favorite part was where it said, I am BEST at...  ellie wrote:
-Climbing- Monkey Bars (then she copied what anna wrote about her)
-Being a good sister
-Cleaning the house
-Feeding the fish and frog.
-Jakob said that ellie was BEST at... make believe.
-Drew said that ellie was BEST at... playing and TACKLING.
(It is a well-known fact around these parts that Ellie can hold her own in a wrestling match.)

next week we'll do another kid...  
easy and fun. 


valerie in TX said...

jen, I love this idea for family night! mind if we borrow it? :)

Taneil said...

What a great Idea to bring fam unity!!! PS Sorry I missed you today!

beckyjune said...

that is so fun!! We try to do spotlights like that when it's someone's birthday.

corrie said...

Great idea! I had a dream the other night that I flew to your house to visit. It was a crazy fun dream.

Shelley Gee said...

how do you come up with so many ideas for your family. By the time I have kids, I hope I can remember at least some of your fun things. I don't think I could handle the no manners dinners though the pictures make me gag! Did I hear right? are you guys are coming up this way for christmas?

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