November 20, 2009

wood blocks... and a letter to santa.

aren't these cute?
a friend of mine invited me over and we made blocks...
modge podge, sandpaper, scrap book paper and letters.
fun, fun.
it's nice to take a break from my regular routine.
but, for a craft addict like me,  it's hard not to jump right in... my craft juices start running and my brain has 100 different projects to do and i forget that i want to "put my laundry away warm"...
it's so hard to stay consistent.
especially during the holidays.
when there are so many fun distractions. 

um.  Santa...
can i just pause my life and have one week without kids or laundry or meals or schedules?  (a maid and/or a nanny for a week?) just one week with me and my projects.  and, a book on tape.  the professor can come along, he's fun.  (seriously, as i typed that line he came in upset with me cause i'm blogging and not helping him with breakfast.) ix-ne on the rofessor-pe.

love, jen


corrie said...

You crack me up! Ix-ne!!! Those are super cute blocks. I LOVE the family photo. That is worth a laundry basket of chilly clean clothes. or two maybe even! (did I say that?)

Fun stuff. I want to do that.

beckyjune said...

Those turned out super-cute. Are those the ones you made at Breanna's? I wish I could have gone but Matt has EQ visits on Tuesdays so I'm left to do my crafting at home with the kiddos :)

Rebekah said...

Um, good Christmas present idea for the David MOSS Family--love those blocks!!!!!!

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