November 27, 2009

my life in pictures... thanksgiving day

life is delicious!
[thanks ashley for the cute turkeys!] 

just fyi...
i tried some new recipes this year  and enjoyed some oldie but goodies...

-butternut squash puree from pw  (loved it... i just love the idea of cooking squash in the fall)

-scalloped turnips from pw (turnips are my mom's favorite)

-mini pumpkin (and cherry) pies from bakerella- mine were fun, not cute (the girls made them!)

-holiday cranberry muffins-  ooohh  i'll have to type in this recipe
-i TRIED to make a fruit slush punch... with strawberries and pineapple juice.  it was FUN but not great.  
do you have a great fruit slush recipe i should try? 
-i loved the callister's cranberry jell-o and i was glad i made it because it was jakob's one thing he was grateful for.
-my ionno family's haggas oatmeal stuffing... it's the BEST!
-yummy rolls from my mother-in-law's recipe

-plain, yummy turkey...  (we cooked TWO, one sunday, one thursday) oh, how i love turkey roasters! 
-buttermilk pie... this was a fun, fancyish, and easy new pie
-cherry pie, with a lattice top for de professor

-i bought a pumpkin pie, it was nasty...
- i made a pumpkin roll... so good, pretty fancy, and surprisingly easy to make.

-and, we HAD to have sparkling cider, because what is thanksgiving without a toast.  
(my stemmed glasses cost 25 cents each so i don't even mind watching leah say cheers!!)


Lanette said...

Looks like a very delicious day. Wish we could've been there, or vice versa. Makes me excited to see you guys at Christmas!!!

beckyjune said...

It all looks so delicious!

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