November 25, 2009

the night before thanksgiving...

tonight, is our Thankful Night.
we are eating black beans and rice and drinking water.
we are talking about hunger and poverty and what we can do and why we are SO VERY BLESSED.
i have gathered some stories from our ancestors and some of our friends that we know, and we'll be watching these videos...

how do you teach a child gratitude?
how do we really come to appreciate that which we have until we have seen and felt want?
our thankful night... my effort to teach and remind and remember.
we have so much. 

although i doubt it will happen, i would love us all to go to bed tonight with a tiny, tiny pain of hunger...
but, if not, i hope we all go to bed with a large amount of GRATITUDE for the bounty we enjoy.
someday, we will do more.  
tonight, we will remember.
tomorrow, we will GIVE THANKS.


jodywnelson said...

Jen....I was very touched by your Thanksgiving thoughts!!! I loved they way you taught you children to celebrate. Thanks for sharing!!
Love, Jody N. (Ashley Nelson's mother-in-law).

jodywnelson said...
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