November 14, 2009

non-recipes for leah...

Lunch Salad...
Lettuce (I like triple-washed baby spinach)
Stuff (this day i put cherry tomatoes, a pear, sugar snap peas, and almonds)
Non-Fat Cottage Cheese (it's my dressing)

so good.
i am a bit odd health-wise though.
i'm always a little embarrassed by my concoctions.

Friday Night Pizza...
(you have my crust recipe i think...)
everyone makes their own half a pizza... that was a picture of my half.
Drew's half has bar-b-q sauce and chicken
Jakob's half has lots of meat
Girls have cheese
Anna has no sauce
the professor, he changes week to week...

and me... mmmm...
i like white sauce (many nights i use Newman's all natural Alfredo) last Friday i just used olive oil mayo.  just a little.
We use a whole big bag of shredded mozzarella, but I also buy the square block of fresh mozzarella and add that to the top...mmm.
i love fresh tomatoes on my pizza, zucchini, SPINACH LEAVES, mushrooms, olives, sometimes chicken (i just buy a rotisserie chicken and peal some off) and artichoke hearts (from a can).

Don't forget the fresh mozzarella...
and, if you don't eat it all on your pizza, just eat it with tomato slices and a little bit of italian dressing.
love ya!  


Chase and Leah said...

thanks Jen you are the best! P.S. My favorite cookbook is still your "recipes from my favorite cousin" that you made me for our wedding. Love ya!!

Chase and Leah said...
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