November 14, 2009

real LIVE orphans...

looking a little orphan this morning...

orphan and toothless. 
the professor pulled it out.... again. (at anna's request) UGHHHHH!

we took a trip.  when we do anything, we do it BIG!

the cheerleader.

she wanted it PINK.  or curly.  we decided on short-ish. (can you see the professor and me in this picture?)
she wanted it long... 10 inches, so she can donate to 'Locks of Love'...  we're almost there.


tah dah!!!  
lookin' a little less orphan, although i think we'll have toothless for the next few years.

ps.  once we were watching Oliver Twist and Oliver looked a bit like a girl with his long hair.  My boys wanted to know why.  I told them it was because he was an orphan and he had no mom to make sure he got a hair cut.  A couple days later we were at a park where there were some skater teenagers.  One of my kids yelled loudly, "LOOK MOM!! Real LIVE orphans!!" :)


valerie in TX said...

cracking up about the comment at the park :)

your kids are beautiful...I love Ellie's new "shortish" do, and...this made me smile since we were just talking about orphans yesterday. :)

Rebekah said...

love all the pics. So fun to see your family growing up--they all look a lot bigger, jen.
You guys make everything fun.

Lanette said...

Great post, Jen. They all look great!

Taneil said...

They all look cute even in the before and after shots!!!

Victoria Gilbert said...

haha I just watched Oliver... he does kinda look like a girl :)

Your kids are so beautiful!!! They are getting so big... I can't belive how much older Ellie looks. Seems like she was just a baby.
Great pictures! I want your camera!

Susan said...

...real live orphans! it : )

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