November 04, 2009

our family binder... it's a good thing

So, you know how i'm in this ORGANIZING mode.  Here's one thing I started that I LOVE!
-weekly schedule 
we just write appointments, practices, and what time dinner is, etc.  i'll usually say, anna-dance 4:30-5:30 (i include travel time) mom-drop off, dad pick-up. i also love the part where i can say what we're studying for scripture time that week, what we're doing for family night, and any special expenses.  the kids love to see what is happening.

-meal plan
i stick the recipes i'm going to try right in the binder

-chore charts 
(i call them responsibility charts)
nope.  i don't give allowance, we're poor.  this is just a tool i use when they say "can I go outside? or can i go on the computer?"  i say, "go get the binder and show me what you've done."  it's SOOO nice not to have to ask them every single thing.

-personal goals 
(LOVE THIS... everyone knows what everyone else is working on... like Dad- find a job, Mom- organize the cupboards, Lily- learn to say 3 new words, Jakob- personal prayer, etc.  love it!!)

-family moments
this is where i write down all the funny, spiritual, horrible moments that i know i want to remember later... i also hole punch stuff, like cute pictures they draw or notes they write and just stick em in.

-family budget 
just a copy of my two week plan and the professor's excel spreadsheet

I keep ours in the basket, on our coffee table, with our scriptures.
In the morning, when we have scripture time, I take a few minutes and go over our family business...

i LOVE it.
i feel organized,
also that we're involving the kids in our planning

it is easier to have the binder than it was not to have it.
so.  it's a good thing.


Taneil said...

Absolutely Brillant!! Email them so I don't have to make my own!

Brumbaugh Family said...

I second the e-mail. PLEASE!!!!

Ann said...

Me too! Me Too! What a great idea!
Mine is

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