December 01, 2009

help mMmmm-me?!

so, i have this idea.
well... my friend gave me this idea and i'm going to see if i can make it work...

my front entry way has a bench with a quilt hanging, and then another wall with stars, but they're not cute.
i hate that wall... and i've been needing an idea.
my friend suggested lots of different MMMMMMMMs.
sounds cute huh? 
she bought me my first M to get me started.

and I found a few more (at hobby lobby).

and now, i'm stuck.
i can't find any more M's... 

and, what do i do about the odd colors?  
should i spray paint them all black?
should i leave them different and just cover the plain ones with different scrapbook papers?

oh...  this MMMMM wall is scaring me a little bit.



Janelle said...

I would spray paint them all black!! I think it will be really cute!

Rachel Ure said...

the whole letter craze origionated with letters taken from actual store fronts and signs. there was a shop in san franciso that had crates of different letters taken from all different places. so, if you want it to look authentic, then i would think of what real sign letters look like. spray paint one a metalic silver- do one black- maybe a white or cream one. also, to add a kick make just one a bright red. the scrapbook paper idea is cutest done in a less is more way (I should know, i have modge-podged every able surface in my apartment!)
if you have a little "M" try hanging it suspended in an empty frame. overall, you probably know deep down how you really want to present them, so don't worry about what others think and go with your gut. you have to look at them all day
we get there in less than a week! hooray!

Lanette said...

So...I was going to comment, but then I read the real artist's post and decided to keep my mouth shut. I'd trust Rachel:). Heh.

Lanette said...

So...I was going to comment, but then I read the real artist's post and decided to keep my mouth shut. I'd trust Rachel:). Heh.

Rachel Ure said...

just realized my comment sounds kinda snobby- like i know it all. truth is, i was thinking about it for a while and really wanted to decided what i would do. it was like a fun puzzle for me to think about. I am sure Lanette's idea was great- i just like to blab.

Lanette said...

Rachel, you're so cute. Really, I thought what you said was so awesome...I wish I knew things like you...I wish I had an artist's vision. No, your comment was not snobby at all, you just know what you're talking about. I actually wish you could come to my house and give me some ideas, too:).

jenifer said...

both of you are adorable!! rachel-- PERFECT! i spent the morning on etsy and anthropology and urban outfitters and ebay and apartment therapy and YOU'RE RIGHT. i need the old store front look... that's why it has been driving me crazy. [i saw the CUTEST old teal blue and RED medal letters on etsy... but they didn't have M's] now that i have some vision i at least have an idea HOW i can make it cute... all i need now is the MONEY!!!
thank you!!

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