January 26, 2010

be smart.

my kids' bathroon has lots of words in it.
i ordered these prints...  i'm still waiting for them to come!
(just 2-- wash your hands and brush your teeth...) from here.

and my trash can says TOSS, the cup says RINSE, and the soap says WASH.
i have numbers above the kids' towels... 1-6.

Leah is always confused because she is #5 but only 3 years old.
In the car yesterday she said.  "Mom, I think i'm 3 years old.  What towel number are you?"
:)  she's funny and i'm towel number 32.

today her car seat tipped over when we went around the corner (someone must have unbuckled her on accident.)
she was so funny, just laying there quietly.
when she was rescued and re-tipped upright she asked in all seriousness...
"Mom, did our car just go up in the air?"
When i told her no she insisted, "well, then how did i tip?"
cute kid.

anyway... i sewed "be clean" on my shower curtain.
it's cute.
i should have done it on the other side so it wouldn't be hidden by the toilet.

good thing i wasn't sewing on "be smart."
clean i am.
smart... still working on it.


corrie said...

Those are great posters. And you are a funny lady.

Tiffany said...

CUTE! Love the shower curtain!

And um, not to totally disagree or anything (precursor to the fact that I'm about to totally disagree...), but you ARE smart!!!:-) Because, honey, if you're not... what does that make all the rest of us?!?

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