January 15, 2010

my life in pictures... makin bread

my kids LOVE dough... isn't that funny?  i mean, cookie dough i can understand, but bread dough?  blah.

i love being home with two little ones.  LOVE it. 
i'm grateful everyday for these sweet together moments.
i'm so blessed.


corrie said...

they are so darling.
I know...bread dough isn't all that scrumptious.

Taneil said...

So coming from a ex runner.....I really mean Ex (it's been 18 years). We used to talk about how you'd lose your toe nails unless they cut them very short. NOt so much that it would hurt because they were to short but so the toenail never touched anything else. Also they make really nice socks that helped me cushion my toes. As for the ankle. I used to wrap mine with "new skin" it is a soft wrap and then use white tape to tape it really tight and it didn't bother me while I was running. Then after I would soak it with ice water and then if it would still hurt I would put a heat pad on it. Those were the days! You weren't allowed to miss A DAY even though you were in pain!!!! two weeks!!! You can do it!

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