January 15, 2010

calling all super heroes... NOTED!!

hi, this is jen.
(do you know a funny thing i do?  i always start my private prayers, "Dear Heavenly Father, it's jen."  i know He knows my voice, but...)

ok, so this is my problem.
my sister-in-law, lanette, told me that she never looses weight until she RUNS.  like 3 miles.  at 7 on the treadmill.
and now, i'm trying to run, and it's kickin' my butte'  (pronounced boo-tey).
big time.
i hate it.
but i'm workin' it and if i keep this up and i still don't loose weight then i'm DONE.  :)
i KNOW you'll tell me it's not about weight.  and, i don't care what you say.
for me, it's about NUMBERS because i want to SEE progress.
i KNOW i'm a whiner I KNOW i'm not over-weight.  but i don't care.  dang it.  i want to be able to loose 5 pounds if i put my mind to it.  and, i can't.  i can't even loose ONE pound.
this is why i NEVER exercise.  it doesn't work for me.
and... don't tell me it's what i eat.  cause, it isn't.  i eat rabbit food.  i'm very healthy.
(but i am trying to be better... i'm TRYING to go without carbs till a normal dinner...)
and... i'm sorry to any of you reading this who struggle with your weight, because i don't, and IT'S SO HARD!! i feel your pain.  and, i'm sorry that i'm skinny and whining.  and, i'm sorry to those of you who wish you could go to the gym and can't... because i can go and I HATE every minute of it.  HATE IT!!.
i pray everyday that i will like it.  i pray that God will help me get addicted to exercise.  right now, i'm addicted to "sit my lazy butte' on the couch and read a book"... but i want to be healthy and active and strong.
and i will be.  because even though i complain... i'm a strenuous striver.  i keep on keepin' on.

back to my problem.
really only my middle toe on my right foot.
(yes, my middle toe is longer than my big toe.)
it feels like my nail is going to come off.
i don't think that my shoes are too small.
maybe it's normal.  maybe i'm running wrong...

and now, my right ankle is hurting.
i don't think i'm injured, just that i could injure myself if i don't do something different.

(i am pigeoned toed... does that have anything to do with it?)
it may have to do with the 2 times i've fallen off the stupid treadmill.
yes really.
i'm quite coordinated.
(my cd player broke and then i couldn't find the cd... it was in the row ahead of me... my cd player and me went backwards... the cd went forward.  no more "gene r cook, teaching by the spirit" while i'm cussing under my breathe...  these details were for shelley... have a good laugh baby, i fall because when i run for a minute i start to get a little pride and God humbles me... thwack.)
any tips on how i can not loose the one week i've already invested on faster running... and still be sure i don't hurt my ankle more?

so, sore toe, sore ankle.
honestly... my WHOLE stinkin' body is in pain.  i walk like an 80 year old woman.  but, the toe and the ankle are my only concerns at the moment.

can you help?
any tips??

ps.  really i'm grateful for my sore, lazy body... we're getting stronger together. slowly but surely.

NOTE--- I LOVE reading your running comments!!  I LOVE advice, so please keep commenting if you think of anything else.  I cut my toenails really short, AND, they don't hurt anymore.
I'm not sure yet if i need new shoes, i do have pretty good running shoes (thank you tjmax), but they might not be right for my feet.  OR... i may just have a minor injury from my death-defying leap from the attacking tredmill.
AND... i tried running outside.
it was a beautiful foggy morning, the professor and i got our lazy bums out of bed and ran around a pond... the trees were romantic and the geese cheered us on.  it was still HELL.  but a better HELL than the gym.  (and, i can tell i'm getting better because my whole body didn't ache yesterday... just my ankle... progress!!) someday i may like to run.  today, i like trying to like to run.
(ps.  the professor and i tried a spinning class when we first joined the gym... the class itself was fine, but we were so sore- between the legs- afterwards that i could hardly wipe my bottom when i pottied.  and, it wasn't great for our intimate life... OWCH!!  maybe, when i'm braver, i'll try again.)


Jenni Taysom said...

Have you ever tried Pilates? It's the only thing that seems to get me any real type of results. While walking and running are good for my overall health (I assume they are anyway) they never get me any results in the number category, ie. I never loose weight. Last month I ran almost daily for three weeks in a row, and then did mostly good for the next couple of weeks, I ate moderately and I didn't even loose a pound (and I have about 20 I could comfortably loose).
I think different bodies respond to different types of exercises. So anyway, now I am going to pull out my pilates - that is what I used in the past that worked for me. It could be that running would work for me if I gave it a better chance. My dad always said it took at least 6 weeks of consistent running before results would start to manifest, if that is true, I stopped just before the results should have started.
Sorry, I'm babbling. I wish there really was a straight forward formula that would work because I too would like some results. Good luck with it, I feel for you (for your toe, and for your cd player and your ankle.)

Cluff Chronicles said...

If you are going to a gym, I recommend you do spinning instead. I really think if you want to keep running you just have to keep going and the aches and pains leave, but it isn't fun getting to that moment. Spinning will give you just as good if not better workout, and you don't have to worry about your joints as much. Your behind will be sore for days, but you will even get used to that after a week or two, OK, maybe three. If you can rotate that is the best for your body. Also, there is a lady in the ward that you should talk to who used to be a professional weight lifter. She knows so much and she would love to give you tips. Call me if you want her name and number, I don't want to put it on this.

Heather said...

I am so pigeon-toed and I am the biggest dork at staying on the treadmill. I have to look slightly downward so I can keep an eye on my feet so they don't freak out and trip. No tv watching for me while running. Good goals to exercise though! Good luck.

corrie said...

It's different for everyone, but Brian says you gotta sweat and sweat hard.
I hated running, but then I found a park that I love to run in. I can't run on a treadmill anymore. I have to be outside so I can tell myslef to 'just run to the next tree/bench/corner...' and then keep running to the next spot and the next spot.
It also helps to 'train' for a 5K or something. A goal so you keep going.
I like to run now. It helps that I have three mornings to myself in which to do it where ever I want.
I haven't ever lost weight very easily either until I started running...outside.
But again, it's different for everyone.

Rachel Ure said...

we need to meet at the gym and we can do a couple different machines together. you can get a really good work-out on an eliptical- nad your feet never leave the ground. i have bad ankles so i love this option.

Sandra Ionno Butcher said...

muscle weighs more than fat...so keep telling yourself that is why the pounds are falling...but really, why not set your goal to do 1/2 hour exercise a day and forget the numbers? You can still tick off having achieved something, i.e. you set yourself an achievable goal? I used to run competitively a million years ago, would definitely check out your sneakers, and be sure they are very flexible (can you bend them easily when you are not wearing them?) love you

Steph said...

I wish I had seen your graceful fall off the treadmill. . .I'm sure it would have made my day. I'm sort of addicted to weight lifting. I love the cute little biceps I've developed and I like that I can flex. As for running on the treadmill, I keep doing it out of sheer will to succeed. I run intervals and change the times and speeds. That keeps it interesting enough for me and keeps my heart rate jumping all over the place. Love your blog, by the way. It feels like talking to you all over again even though it's been about six years!

valerie in TX said...

I'm the weirdo who actually likes working out, but I HATE running, so I don't do it. Ever. But I have a friend who runs marathons and she says it always makes your toenails fall off, every time. I think it must just be part of the package. So I bet your toe will feel better once it figures out this is the new normal! :)

Shelley Gee said...

Did I mention that on the diet you can actually eat all the vegetables you want, you just have to have at least two!! I am going to meet with my exercise physiologist tomorrow and I will ask him about your situation and see if he has any answers. Don't give up, we will figure it out! Oh, by the way, say all the curse words you want. I am a firm beliver that it helps. Just remember to repent every night :D

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