February 13, 2010

eye love him.

just want you to know that
i really love this guy.
it's so nice to love and be loved.
he really sees me.
and, he loves me still.
and... i smell him.
and love him still.
a lot.
and... some days i wish i was Mrs. God...
so i could help everyone find their peanut butter.
cause... life is meant to be lived in pairs.
i just know it.
happy love day!

ps.  so, i just write this sappy, love post right?  then i shut down the computer and glance over at a pile of laundry that the professor just took from the drier.  laying on the top is my new dillard's-super-clearance cardigan.  that i loved.  totally shrunk and ruined.  not only did he wash it (as i would not have) he dried it.  
this is not the first time that he has shrunk my favorite sweater...
he threw in a couple loads of laundry today while i was grocery shopping.  it was a surprise.  he had good intentions. but i am still SO MAD.  yes, i said it.  i love him, but i am so mad that he did the laundry.  
why can't i just know that he was trying to care and not feel like he didn't care at all...
the moral of the story- yes, i'm grateful for my peanut butter... but sometimes i wish he wasn't so nutty.


Heather said...

just had to add that this laundry thing happens to us too. I always try so hard not to be mad because I know I should just be glad he is helping. Sigh... sorry 'bout your sweater.

valerie in TX said...

oh my goodness, I can totally relate. mine doesn't do anyone's laundry but his own anymore because of this very thing. not sure if that's good or bad! thanks for visiting my blog....I love hearing from you! :)

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