February 15, 2010


i'm reading a couple books right now about the life of the Savior.
well, listening to this one (a FREE mp3 download!)... and reading this one.
today, i read about the miracle of the fishes and loaves.
when Christ  fed over 5000 with just a few fishes and loaves of bread
(yes.  i believe it was a true miracle.  i believe the food was multiplied.
and, i believe that Christ used natural laws to produce His miracles.
laws that i don't yet understand fully.  and He does.  cause He's God.)

anyway, i was imagining if i was sitting there when the basket was passed.
would i, seeing that there was not a lot of food and that there was a lot of people, would i have passed the basket without taking any bread?
would i have taken just a little to be sure everyone had enough?
or, would i have eaten till i was full... rejoicing in the bounty and miracle of the Savior.
i hope i would have eaten and ENJOYED and rejoiced.
imagine what that miraculous bread would have tasted like.
and, if i had passed, that wouldn't have meant that more people would be fed. 
because that's not how miracles work.
Christ is enough for me, and for you. 
For all of us to partake and be filled.

i thought about the sacrament that i take each week.
symbolic of Christ's atonement... his body and his blood. 
He died to save me from my sins. 
All i need to do is repent and come unto Him with a broken heart and a contrite spirit.  I am already saved by His miracle. 
I just need to partake of it. 
I hope that I can partake of the Savior's light every day so that I am filled. 
And, the miracle is, no matter how much of Christ is in me, there is still enough of Him to go around. 
i am hungry.
i get hungry every day, no matter the feast that i've had the day before.
i have tasted of the peace the Savior offers me.
it is better than any earthly bread.
i want to feast.
i want my soul to delight in fatness.
and today, i'm grateful for that reminder.
He wants me full.


Shauna_Rae said...

I sooo enjoyed reading your thoughts AND totally agree with you!

Thanks for sharing!

Rachel Ure said...

oooooo. like this. It is true . i fell that. i love the idea that we can truly fill ourselves- everyone can. thanks

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