February 10, 2010

oh... we LOVE forts?!

see... i am a good mom.
i only MILDLY cringe when i hear, "let's make a fort"
and, when they BEG to SPEND THE NIGHT in their fort...
i only threaten them with minor torture and gentle death if i hear them giggle ONE TIME.
ONCE and the fort is under siege.

gratefully, they are getting older.
and,  they really can go to sleep in a fort... all four of the big kids.
what fun?!
and now... we get to CLEAN UP all the blankets and books and SAFETY PINS that are attached to the curtains...
love it!!

ps.  building forts is bad...
but, not as bad as when they play "shopping" or worse "moving".
i HATE those games.
forts... mild by comparison.
and, what would your childhood be like if you could NEVER build a fort.
childhood without forts is like hot chocolate without whipped cream. 


beckyjune said...

Yes, you are a good mom, and building forts is fun- we've done plenty of those at our house, too. And, yes, I agree that it's easier to clean up forts than it is when they decide to go "shopping." Mine haven't done the "moving" game but Nicole has some fun stories about that one.

valerie in TX said...

You are an awesome mom. Way better than me! We do have forts at our house, but not very often. Getting them to put away all the blankets and books and toys and (usually) chairs is like pulling teeth....and I hate pulling teeth! :) I listen to Christian radio in the mornings, and just this morning the person I was listening to was saying that when their kids were little, he and his wife tried to say yes to everything if it was at all possible.

"Can we build a fort?" yes.
"Can I sleep in my clothes?" yes.
"Can the dog sleep in my bed?" yes.

I'm not so good at that.

And....I think I would have to draw the line with the dog! :)

valerie in TX said...

by the way, this post says it was posted at 3:00AM....is that true??? Girl! Now you're being like me! You (we) need some sleep. :)

Yayi said...

do you mind telling Eric about how good forts are for a happy childhood??? he just banned them yesterday!!!

Cluff Chronicles said...

Have you seen the card table forts that you make? I saw them the other day somewhere and I thought I am going to make one of these for my two little ones, probably in the spring.

Sonja said...

I'm impressed that you only "mildly cringed" about them making a fort. It's true that they're a necessary part of childhood--my brother and I would make entire houses with hallways and separate rooms--but I don't think there's a requirement that the MOM enjoys it as much as the kids do:)

PS: are those rags in your girls hair? Where did you get such fluffy ones?!

Pugwash NPT Forum said...
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