February 11, 2010

peanut butter kids...

as a young mother i knew i wanted a large family.
my fear was that i would have a large, peanut butter kid, family.
you know peanut butter kids... their hair is always scragley, their clothes don't match and they ALWAYS have crusty peanut butter on their face (i didn't mention the boogie nose, but you know it's there).
i REALLY was afraid of the peanut butter kid syndrome.

well, i'm growing up.

i LOVE peanut butter kids.
i think i've learned to see past the peanut butter.
isn't she adorable?
and just fyi...
this ISN'T Leah... this is a blue dog eating lunch.  blue, to match her eyes.
i think i'll miss my peanut butter kids someday.

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