March 03, 2010

cookies... all by themselves.

i love watching sisters together.
my girls are always creating.
this afternoon it was cookies.
Sunday it was a puppet play about Jesus and Satan.
Saturday it was a musical starring Ellie as the good sister and Anna as the bad sister.
with a full Barbie-musical worthy chorus, both girls singing at the same time, one good, one bad.

i love sisters.
and i'm sure glad my girls have some.
and... considering it has taken me 13 years to learn to make cookies without a HUGE mess, i didn't even mind helping them with the dishes.


beckyjune said...

That is so fun, and the cookies look yummy. I love to watch my girls working and playing together- this morning it's Hailey laying on the couch with Aimee, reading to her all the while Aimee sings her song after song. It's the good stuff, isn't it?

Rachel Ure said...

tell anna that she rocks that apron. and tell all the girls that i tasted their cookies- and they were as yummy as they were beautiful

Yayi said...

I am so jealous! I cannot make cookies! I guess I am sort of cookie-making-impaired. They surely look adorable together.

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