March 04, 2010

i quilt.

isn't this lovely?
i found it here...
and the directions to make it are here...

i quilt.
i'm a quilter.
i have lots of fabric and lots of unfinished quilts.
i don't crotchet.
only little hats, occassionally, and one leper bandage that i never finished.
actually, i just finished my first ever crochet blanket to send to my newest nephew... i started it for another nephew long ago... he's in kindergarten now.

so, why am i dreaming of granny squares? and bright yarn.
why did i get excited to see that yarn is on sale next week at joann's.
no.  i already told myself.
i am not starting a new project until my other unfinished quilts are finished.
final answer.
i'm too busy.  and, it isn't practical.
UNLESS i a load or two of laundry every morning and crocheted two blocks while i'm waiting for the laundry to dry.
then... it would help me stick to my laundry AND finish a project.
seriously... i said that to myself.
then i laughed at myself and said, except that you have 200 other things you could be doing while you're waiting for your loads to dry.
no bright colored, fun granny squares for me.
but... i did print out the instructions just in case.


beckyjune said...

It's so cute, and do you know what? Granny squares are so easy i bet you could get more than 2 done while you wait on your laundry :)

Yayi said...

I immediately thought about myself when doing laundry, and it would be impossible for me to quilt while waiting as well. However, it seems like a nice enough project!!! Just do it! you'll enjoy it.

Ann said...

That is beautiful. I wish I crocheted.

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