March 09, 2010

a start.

starting anything is always tricky.
i doubt myself and my choices.
with this granny afghan i keep worrying about my pattern, my colors, my choice of yarn.
i had more money i would have ordered some beautiful yarn online.
but, i'm poor and joanne's yarn was on sale.
and so i choose vanna, 2 for $5.
this is the pattern i'm using and i'm joining them as i go with the instructions that she links to...

so far, i LOVE it.
but, i'm usually a listen and clean and i'm becoming a watch and crotchet.
my house is missing me.
so, now i must give her some attention.
have a great day!!


Pugwash NPT Forum said...

Jen, the good thing about Granny squares is there is no right and wrong! It's meant to be a way to use up scraps...just have fun! It looks beautiful. It makes me SO happy to see that you crochet, it's a tradition passed down in our family for generations through the women, and I didn't know that anyone in your generation knew how to do it (tried teaching Alyssa but she lost patience) of the few reasons I regret not having a girl, sexist as it is, I don't see my boys getting into it. You are doing a super job. Love, Aunt Sandra

Victoria Gilbert said...

It's beautiful!!!! I wish I knew how to crochet and knit.... one day :)

It's gorgeous though... can't wait to see it finished!

Starr said...

Beautiful!! (Found your blog via Valerie's.)

Anonymous said...

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Shauna_Rae said...

It's beautiful!!!! I love the bright colors.

What a fun treasure you are making for your family!

Shelley Gee said...

Love, Love, Love the colors!!!

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