March 08, 2010

pictures from my day... haircuts.

hmmm.  why did i put off haircuts for so long??
i sure love these blue eyed girls...
and, they are so cute (and so big) in their new hair cuts.

i realized the other day, that if i have my last baby next year, i only have 6 years left of babies in my home.
6 years!
i've started compiling my goals, everything i want to say i've learned and become and ENJOYED during this short (well, 17 year) period of my life.
i'm certain that my life will feel different with no babies in my home.
for, that is when i'm going to start saving the WORLD.
but... i want to be sure that i LEARN all i can learn from this amazing training time...
and who better to teach me, than these precious, bright, active babies?
where else will i learn TRUE patience?  to enjoy the little things?  to recite every single mother goose rhyme, even the ones that i hate and try to skip over before leah reminds me, "you forgot this one!"
how will i learn order and self discipline and balance and the ability to work hard and play hard?
how will i learn to really listen and really laugh?  
to cherish every moment and enjoy seasons and live in the moment while preparing for the future.

i have learned much over the past 11 years of mothering... but i have oh so much more to learn.
and, i think, only 6 years left to soak it all in.
(not 6 years of mothering, just 6 years of completely intense, all day training...)
wish me luck!!
(and, LAUNDRY is TOTALLY one of my goals.  in the next six years i'm going to figure out how to be the laundry QUEEN.  i know this isn't eternal, but seriously... laundry sucks.  and i've got 6 years to conquer that beast!!  feel free to teach me if you are already a laundry queen...)


valerie in TX said...

love the new 'dos! And you're right - they both look so big! Lily went instantly from baby to toddler with this cut. :)

LAURA said...

they are adorable. I can't believe Lily's eyes, they are out of this world.

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