April 21, 2010

around the house.

yesterday i got a few projects done around the house.
want to see?
1. i finally convinced the professor to hang my broom hanging thing...

2. i re-ordered my messy laundry room shelves-- all my cleaning supplies are in the white tupperwares by area... dusting, bathrooms, floors... and, all my extra bags and 72 hour kits are up on top in the red baskets.
 3. i have a goal to make meal time more teaching time, so i found a place to hang my whiteboard with the kid baskets... on the whiteboard i'll write stuff i want to talk about and in the baskets i keep spelling lists to review and important papers for them to turn into school.
 4.  i have to laugh at this... it is a picture of our prophet and his first and second counselors.  jakob had a friend over and i remember him asking in passing "That your grandpa?"  Jakob said, "No, that's the prophet... like Moses."  the kid said, "oh." and went to jump on the trampoline.  Ha!  i love kids!

5.  ALL my movies are organized...
the cds are in black zip cases--

and, the video's are in tupperware under my bed.
 6.  have i told you that i LOVE spray paint.  LOVE it.  Valspar Black Satin, from Lowes.  I spray painted my boys' beds in the fall, and just recently my kitchen benches...  both times i wonder WHY it has taken me so long to do it.
7. And finally, my collection of white pitchers is growing... i use them all the time, and i love seeing them up there.
 that's my house today...


Ann said...

Beautiful, Jen! I love all your projects! Especially the baskets on your wall for the kids.....great idea!

You make me want to hurry and finish all of our big projects so that we can get to the more fun little projects like decorating. You're inspiring!

Suzette said...

I love organizing things so I'm totally envying all of your organized spaces.

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