April 20, 2010

a package.

i knew this package was coming.
my mother in law has sent us 3 packages since we left her home last week.
package 1- anna's folder of homework
(we realized we left this on top of the bookshelf in the computer room while we were still driving home.  it arrived the day after we did.)
package 2- two hair bows
package 3- socks... two mismatched baby socks that they had found.
i knew this package was coming... and i planned on writing a funny blog about the most boring package i have ever received.
my mother-in-law is super organized.
if you left two mismatched socks at my house, i would NEVER find them, and-- if i did find them, i would NEVER make it all the way to the post office to return them to you... especially because you could probably buy NEW socks with the cost of postage...

turns out, i loved the little package, and sweet note.
it didn't feel boring at all...
just loving.
so, thanks mom!!

i believe i should take a picture of my sunday outfits every week just to have all of you contribute to my emotional well-being.
thanks for the sweet comments!
MAYBE i'd send you your lost socks, just maybe.

1 comment:

Rachel Ure said...

thats totally what my mother-in-law does too. SHe will send the most random left-overs like hair rubber bands and toothpaste. SHe also attaches sweet letters. I wish i could be better about sending real mail- because it means so much to recieve it.

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