April 16, 2010


just some funny thoughts from my boys...

last night DREW asked when he would be getting his Pokemon cards back (they've been in time-out since Sunday).
i told him NEVER because he's been a stink all week.
he said, "See Mom, that proves that my Pokemon cards have nothing to do with my behavior.  Might as well just given them back."
ha!!  nice try buddy.

and, my all time funny drew moment was when he came home from school and announced, "Mom!  I'm a past tense verb."
he now claims to be one of the only names that when repeated 3 times makes a sentence...
Drew drew Drew.
that, my friends is awesome... almost as awesome as having an name that was spelled wrong on my birth certificate... Jenifer.  My mom used to lie and say it was for originality, later she admitted they just spelled it wrong. 

on the way to the gym this morning the professor asked, "do you hear that sound? do you know what that is?" (it was an odd sounding clutch)
"no, what is it?"  i asked.
and, in his wisdom he replied, "money down the drain."

on the way home i reminded the professor that we just spent a whole chunk of change getting the brakes replaced, "i bet they just unscrewed the clutch so we'd have to go spend more money."
he chuckled and explained, "maybe, except they only do brakes, that's why the store is called Just Brakes."

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