April 15, 2010

david. -updated

we got a new friend yesterday.
meet david.

our good friends are moving and they let us adopt their pet- wizard the lizard.
my kids decided he was more dave than wizard.
you know i have no control over these decisions.
(i barely get to name my own kids).

so far, we love dave...  he's quiet, he doesn't stink, kids can hold him without injury, and...
if you pull his tail off, it will grow back (please don't tell my kids this).
i seem to be destined for amphibians lizardy/scaley things (see update).
dave- welcome to the family!

the professor did some research... it turns out david is a "Chinese Water Dragon".
[and, for your information, he informed me that dave is a reptile not an amphibian.  good thing for the phd... i'd be lost in Petsmart looking for dragon food by the frog stuff...]
david can grow up to 1 foot long with a 2 foot tail.
day 2 and we still like him.
all the kids have taken their turn letting him crawl on their shoulders.
and, watching him hunt and catch crickets is pretty cool... especially because he has the cutest tongue that he sticks out before he GRABS em.
fun stuff! (thanks katie)


valerie in TX said...

I love it! Nice to meet you, Dave. We've been wanting a lizard for a while, but can't ever seem to find the kind we're looking for. What kind is he?

Yayi said...

My boys loved the idea! Dave, welcome to the family.

Rebekah said...

Cool pet!
Even though the tail grows back, it has to hurt to get it pulled off (I've watched the process in a few too many lizards and it is just sad--the one cool part is how long the tail wiggles after disconnection).
Loved the Lily steps post--It really is all about choices, falls, and the hope that some day we will be running! Go Lily!!

Jed Katie and Hazen said...

We loved his little pink tongue too. He looks happy! Thanks you guys for giving him a good home.

we will miss you!


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