April 24, 2010


i love rainy days.
love them.

but, i hate feeling overcast.
do you know that most people are vitamin D deficient?
because we don't get out in the sun enough, AND because sunglasses and sunblock block vitamin D absorption.

i have a friend who took her hardest child to the pediatrician...
they tested her vitamin D, turns out she was severely deficient.
they started giving her vitamin D and after a few weeks they have noticed a HUGE difference in her behavior.
i thought it was interesting, that all her other kids have olive complexions--
this one daughter burns easily and is always slathered in sunblock.

Reader's Digest says that vitamins don't work, except for Vitamin D.
Personally, I just feel better taking vitamins and I think, what can they hurt?
So, I added "liquid sunshine" to my multi-vitamin plus iron.

and--- i'm not sure if it's the actual sun outside, the fact that i went tanning a few times to get rid of my winter pastiness, or the fact that i think vitamin D is cute... but i AM feeling a bit sunnier these days!
(it is cute huh?! in a pill kinda way.)
oh- how excited i am for summer!!
one more month!!

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