April 27, 2010

tv homeschooling.

i love school.
but, i do like controlling what, when, where and how my children are exposed to new ideas and moral decay.

i love teaching my kids.
i am constantly thinking about what i want my kids to learn and how i can teach them and expose them to grand ideas.
i want them to LOVE learning and always be SEEKING knowledge.
this is something the professor and i do a good job of...

and, in the light of these opinions i have to tell you my latest FAVORITE thing.

netflix is my idea of homeschooling.
:)  Ha!!  (now you're laughing?!)

we watch movies every Friday night-- usually redbox $1.
i'm picky-- no PG13, no R, some PG (must be parent approved)
i felt the red box lacked options and Blockbuster is pricey.

i LOVE the old movies... classic... musical.. sweet... moral movies.
and, sometimes i like new movies.

i LOVE netflix.
for $8.99 a month we get one movie at a time... they come VERY fast.  but, my FAVORITE thing is the selection.  We've watched really great old movies... Pipi Longstocking, the Little Princess, Music Man, Counte of Monte Cristo, Labrynth, etc.  I love that I get to pick and the kids either watch it or don't.  They ALWAYS watch and they ALWAYS love them... even if they think they won't.

And, I get to rate movies so they know what i like and they are always recommending movies to me that are similar... they put stars under the movies listed showing their guess of what i would like.
that's cool.

this weekend (before we hooked up the Wii-- see below) we didn't have a netflix movie and so we stopped at Redbox. 
We got 2 movies, accidently kept them for 4 days and paid $8.  dumb.

they have TONS of WATCH NOW options.
movies that I LOVE.
i started WATCHING NOW, with Leah.
If she wants a movie I just open Netflix on my computer and I can pick lots of cute, short TV shows or Movies...  (she can watch things like LIBERTY KIDS...)
Or, i give the kids the professor's laptop and let them watch a movie in their "forts"
and... I saw that they have BBC movies,
Like Pride and Prejudice... Emma... North and South... Wives and Daughters...

ooohhhhh.  I LOVE these.
I've been watching them while i fold laundry...  at night if the professor is up at school while i crotchet.
my computer is in my bedroom, but it's on the side of my bed and i kinda hated turning to watch a movie...

i just saw a button where you can get a free disk for your Wii.
they sent me a dvd and we put it in... i never had my Wii hooked up to internet...
it took the professor like 5 minutes to enter some code and TAH DAH!!!!!
now we can WATCH NOW thousands of movies on our Wii.
It's JUST LIKE Pay Per View for only $8.99 a month.
The professor and i watched North and South on Sunday.
it was PERFECT.
i cried when they kissed at the end.
so sweet, on my tv, i didn't have to buy it, i don't have to figure out where i'm going to keep the disk, and i can watch it again and again any time i want to.

we don't have cable... so that could be another reason why i love Netflix.
i know i'm a bit late in jumping on this band wagon.
but, just want you to know.
today Netflix is my fav!!
and, definitly my kind of HOMESCHOOL.

Note-- this is NOT a paid advertisement.
and, i promise not to devote every post of mine to selling things...

ps-- not sure that anyone actually reads these wordy posts, BUT, i do have to say one more thing.
i HATE pressing buttons on the DVD player. (i know the professor thinks i'm silly too.)
i HATE finding remotes and juggling this one for volume that one to push play...
with movies on the Wii, it's more fun, i just have to use the Wii remote and Tah DAH!  i don't even have to skip previews. 
love it.


Tiffany said...

Chris talked to the Professor yesterday & was all excited last night when he told me about the Wii/Netflix thingie... we may have to try it, b/c it does sound pretty wonderful!:-) So it was funny that we'd been thinking about it anyway, and then voila--it's here on your blog today! Yay!
Miss you... :-(

valerie in TX said...

yay! we're definitely going to have to get it. we don't have cable either, and we do the same thing with redbox. last time we got 3 movies, kept them 4 days, and it was like $13. like you said....dumb. I'm sad that we don't have a wii, though. I think we could probably do WATCH NOW on hubby's laptop, but it's small. my laptop is bigger, but for some dumb reason won't play videos. DUMB! guess we will have to do it the old fashioned way and wait for the disks in the mail! :) thanks for the tip!

Shauna_Rae said...

I LOVE it! We don't have cable either, and always rely on good ol Redbox, which usually has nothing. I got a Netflix subscription for MY parents for Christmas last year, but now I'm thinking we might need to sign up. LOVE the Wii idea!

And can I just say that I love your blog!

Kaela Michelle Lefferts Enzler said...

Netflix sounds great!
If you ever try redbox again- enter in a promo code and it'll give you your first day free! You can use every promo code once per credit/debit card. DVDONME is a good one....and so is BREAKROOM. Then there are some specific ones for places like Mcdonalds and Walgreens. You can easily find them on the internet! fyi!
Love ya Jen!
p.s. Can you come to my wedding?!!?!?!?!!

Ann said...

Oooooh, Jen! You're giving me ideas that are going to make me want to spend money. NOT a good thing! :)

I'm going to have to have Brent read this post. ;)

Shelley Gee said...

I love NETFLIX!!!!!!!

Rebekah said...

Okay, so I mentioned this idea to david the other day and wasn't a great saleswoman, but . . .
now I am informed and have a great "ad" for him to read. You might just convince him!

Rachel Ure said...

things like this can really change your life, huh!? It sounds like a lot of fun. I thought north and south was a little too dirty and dark ( i love the rolling green hills in the bbc shows) but i liked it alright.

LAURA said...

I'll have to look into redbox, thanks for the idea. Your blog always brightens my day. BTW, your sister Patti asked to be my friend in facebook, but by the time I got around to it...it's not there anymore. I don't even see her name on facebook, what happened?!

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