May 04, 2010

after school.

posters for sale.
only $3.
what's $3 when you are saving the earth?
 This is my favorite--
Want to die?  Litter.
Want to live?  Don't
and illustrated-- die- Heaven- with Snow (our dead rabbit)
not die- the smiling girl and the living lady bug.
what more convincing arguement is there?
Don't Litter or you will DIE.
the end.


valerie in TX said...

Hahaha - crackin' me up! Love the "Die...Not Die". Hope the sale was successful!

beckyjune said...

Too cute! She's been quite a busy girl.

Shelley Gee said...

I was confused there for just a minute because having cats made me think of kitty litter...I have a menopausal brain, that is my excuse!!

Taneil said...

heehee so cute! How much money did they make!!!?? You should have paid your neighbors to come and buy them! :)

Ann said...

Methinks there were a few green lessons taught at school during "Earth Week" last month, no?

Too cute! She's very convincing!

Lanette said...

Look at that vigor? Seriously, that is too cute. I think Ellie's gonna be a writer someday...she's writing all the time! Or a political activist. Personally, I'd take the writer:).

Julie T said...

Hehe...that just made my night. Can I just say I love this kid?!

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