May 03, 2010

do NOT buy these.

If you happen to be in Target and happen to see this box and want to see what they taste like...

They are small-- small enough that they fly under the "Don't eat me I'm fattening" Radar.
Chocolate covered granola bars with caramel and almonds... i mean granola is healthy.
Individually wrapped, small, chewy, chocolate, caramel, almonds, SEA SALT.
Sea Salt is healthy.
They just sit there in the pantry, waiting patiently and conveniently for you to swing by and grab one.

Waiting ever so deliciously to perfectly hit that sweet spot that pops up when you're mopping your kitchen floors, or making dinner, or on your way out the door...
I mean, before you know it, you could have eaten a whole box and not even realized it.
So, just don't even try them.
And, if you do happen to buy them... consider yourself fairly warned.

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