May 14, 2010

dining room.

see this room... i LOVE it.
don't you just want to sit there and sip hot chocolate and eat pastries with a bunch of girl friends? 
or... have edamame as an after school snack with your kiddos?
i love this room.
today, i want to make those chair covers... and these ruffled white curtains for my dining room.
i have some great teal colored paint i could do just my bar stools blue-ish...
and give myself a new kitchen for the cost of a few sheets.

perhaps that will give me a white fix and i won't need to paint my cabinets.


Rachel Ure said...

i usually totally agree wit hyour home tastes- but this room is scary! it wouldn't last an hour with my family. as much as i like white, i am just not clean enough to make it work. i could maybe sip water in this room. love ya

beckyjune said...

It IS beautiful but I agree with Rachel. My kids would mess that up so quickly!!!

If you still want help with those jars just let me know. Are you guys enjoying the nice storm? There was lightning RIGHT outside our house. Yikes.

corrie said...

I love that ruffled curtain. It looks like old fashioned bloomers!
It's funny how home trends change. I want to paint everything white too. And change my 3 year old cabinets out...
When I WAS painting the trend was colors. Browns and blues. Now, white. WHITE!! All the home show designers have always said their homes are white. For years they've said that. As soon as we paint everything white we will be at Lowe's looking at Greens or something.

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