May 12, 2010

hungry and drooling.

got it.
read it.  (till 1 am)
loved it.
needing book two.
it's been a while since i've read fiction...
i feel like i have friends again.

and, i got my root canal yesterday.
right before my kids' piano/violin recital.
seriously, i think i was drooling while i watched.

i made the mistake of reading one of the permission slips i was signing.
it tells all the awful things that can go wrong...
when i met the doctor i laughed and said, "now, don't go dropping any of your dentist tools into the roots of my tooth."
he said, "don't worry, that hardly ever happens."

it DID!!
i now have a titanium tooth file at the very tip of my canal.
i guess it's not that big of a deal.
and, it would have been way worse if he tried to dig it out.
they'll x-ray again in 6 months.
AND i signed a form that says i know it's in there and if they have to operate again on that tooth it will be HALF PRICE.
actually, it wasn't that bad.  they numbed me up really well, and because i have 6 kids they gave me nitrous oxide for free.  seriously.  it normally costs $115.  i'm REALLY funny with a little drugs in my system.  i told him that was probably the closest i've ever come to being drunk.
when he heard i had six kids he asked if i was LDS.
i always think that's funny.
MORMONS do believe in birth control.
i'm just assuming it wasn't the size of my family the cued him in... it was my MORMON GLOW.
then, he spent the whole time telling me everything he knows about mormons.
from "jack mormons" to Napolean Dynamite.
tina.  i reminded him, tina was the name of the Llama.
he asked if i knew every 80's song and who sang it.
hah!  i guess i'm an 80's music Jack Mormon.

the worst part was that it took a long time and i was worried we'd be late for our recital...
when i went to pay they said, $1,095.
(that's a mortgage payment during the summer months when we don't get paid.)
the professor said it would only cost us $250.
(that's spending money for a month-- and NOT a summer month when the kids are home all day.)
i had to pay it.  they already did the work.  and, i was late.
i cried a little when i handed them the professor's debit card.
turns out, because i went to a specialist, not just my normal dentist, it costs more.

such is life.
and, at least i'm not dying... or hungry... or living in a country controlled by evil people (i hope)... or having to KILL someone else to survive...

my wise friend tiffany says, "If money can fix it, it's not really a problem."
today.  i got noooo problems.

well, aside from the fact that all the copies of catching fire are already checked out at my library and i'm obsessive.
hah... guess what?  money COULD fix that.  right?  i could go to a store and buy book 2.
so, no problems after all.
just listen to this last line... 
"I take his hand, holding on tightly, preparing for the cameras, and dreading the moment when I will finally have to let go."
 ohh.  my sweet, sweet friend.  i need book 2, i miss you already.


Shauna_Rae said...

I loved Hunger Games too. My older boys and husband devoured the book and kept talking about it so I just HAD to read it too. I love how quickly she developes the story line and how unique the story is.

I wish that you lived closer and run book 2 over to you!

Tiffany said...

I am SO not wise! I prety sure I pirated that line from someone else anyway, only I can't remember where or who... so maybe now it IS "mine".:-)

mmmm... love me some $ticker shock--sorry about your tooth...

I am still smiling from our chat last week--made my whole week, I tell you! And the laundry isn't totally caught up, but better than it's been, well, since the last time my mom came to visit & did it all for me. Thanks for the motivation & ideas!!!

Can't believe you hadn't read the books before--LOVE those!

The Davis Family Three said...

I have book 2...if you really need a fix!

jenifer said...

thanks nicole!
i actually bought it already ($11 at Sams).
my name is jenifer.
and now i remember why i can't read books.
i'm an addict for sure.

Kelley said...

Book three comes out this summer, you know......

Steph said...

I did my own little intake of breath for you when I saw that dentist price. And seriously, you have to pay for them to remove something they dropped in your tooth? That's messed up.

Loved the Hunger Games. Have you tried Megan Whalen Turner's "Thief" series? Loved it even more.

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