May 13, 2010

i'm gonna miss this...

my kids are adorable.
and young.
and... i'm really going to miss this someday.
jakob-  loves plaid.
(do kids get beat up for this in middle school?)

drew- spends 5 minutes on his hair.

anna- very particular about her socks.  very practical about her shoes.

ellie-can't stand when a baby cries... she runs around all afternoon giving lily anything she screams for.

leah- can get dressed all by herself.  loves her red boots.

lily- ALWAYS has a baby or a blankie... insists on walking with her arms full of treasure even though her balance isn't great.
oh, how i love my job.


beckyjune said...

Such fun pictures! Yes, you will miss it and so will I. I had to laugh at Leah's picture!!! Someday she will be mortified if anyone ever sees that. I LOVE Anna's pink shoes.

Rachel Ure said...

oooh I wanna flick that little bum cheek! such a great shot of lilly. ha. the park was beautiful today by-the-way. :) Your face would have made it even more so. I will gave to wait for my jen fix....

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