June 22, 2010

boy scouts. that's plural.

 the professor boy scout and my oldest left yesterday for SCOUT CAMP.
oh how i miss them.
the professor is HAAA LAIR EEEEE OUS.
so funny.
he knows there is an award for the smallest pack at scout camp.
my boys won.
he spent 20 minutes explaining the ills of bringing a suitcase to scout camp.
duffels are ok.
[he does remember seeing boys with Addidas duffel bags at scout camp when he was growing up.
he'd think to himself... this is SCOUT CAMP, NOT SOCCER camp.]
but backpacks are the best.
[see that ugly army backpack he uses?  it has to stay in our bedroom... on the FLOOR, on his side of the bed... he doesn't want it to get DUSTY in the garage or the attic-- oh my.]
i had to hold him back from purchasing a new, steal rimmed, hiking backpack for jakob.
had he been a full fledged doctor, jakob would have been wearing a HIKING backpack.
they are going to swim at a lake...
in a town.
NOT hike mountains.
Good thing my boys have their HIKING BOOTS on.
for a 4 hour car ride.
in the bmw.
that doesn't have air conditioning.
i suggested they bring flip flops.
Flip Flops at SCOUT CAMP???!!!
(well, maybe for the showers- my boy scout consented)
he opted to leave them home- due to luggage restraints.
how i love these sweet boys.
for sure, i married the boy scout nerd.
i have a feeling he would have been wearing socks to his knees all week if he owned a pair.
jakob was SOO excited.
he told me 10 times about his "tender mercy"
finding a new pocket knife ON CLEARANCE at wal-mart for only $5.
he's certain it's just like Uncle Ben's
it could probably have cost $50...
jakob woke up at 5:30am.  he was hopping to get in the car... to be at the church by 9am.
sweet, sweet boy.
honestly, as they drove away i had tears in my eyes.
(maybe because they were taking my camera for a whole week)
how i will miss them.
how i pray they will be safe.
i KNOW their feet will be protected.

i watched this today.
the story of bottled water.


Diana said...

scout camp is the best! especially when the dad gets to go, it always puts my mind at ease. i can just see all the advice that todd is giving his little scouting son!!!

Rachel Ure said...

what a sweet rite of passage- for all of you.

Lanette said...

I'm so proud of my little scouting extended family. I think a faint glimmer of a tear appeared, due to my just returning from cub scout day camp today. Scouts are soooo cute (unless they're sassy 'cause they think they know more than you). I love the part about todd's backpack...hilar! BTW, I didn't notice his varicose vein in his picture so he has nothing to complain about. I loved reading this post. So fun, so real family life, so wholesome recreational activity-ish. So happy.

valerie in TX said...

This is hysterical, love it! And love the stuff bulging out of the top of the professor's backpack. :)

A week is a long time - call me if you get lonely!

Anonymous said...

The boys look like there are ready for a serious campout. You know that they will have a good time no matter what.

Teachinfourth said...

I went to Scout camp years ago, too. It can be a pretty cool thing and I think your son called it when he talked about soccer vs Scout camp…

Before you know it, he'll be back.

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