June 21, 2010

to kanariville.

nie reminded me of this video.
the professor reminded me of this story yesterday
i was lamenting and he was encouraging...
this time in our life will someday be a memory...

sometimes life is hard.
my life is grand.  perfect.  wonderful.  everything i've ever dreamed of.
and, it's hard.
especially as we struggle through this LAST year of graduate school...
with six kids.
i wonder if we can do it.
and i know we can do it.
honestly, it is hard.
my sweet husband bears the brunt of uncertainty, financial concerns and mega-intellectual stress.
on the front end of this journey i kind of laughed...
my "professor" had the most self confidence of anyone i'd ever known.
i didn't think that the rigors of grad school would ever touch him.
i was wrong.
he's struggled and i've struggled feeling his stress.
i remember days of yesterday... when we were so carefree... when work ended at 4:30 pm.
and i had a husband on saturday.
all day.
i remember a time when we just knew that if we tried to do what was right, it would all work out.
we know that now.
we just understand that "all work out" sometimes is the hard way.
and sometimes is the easy way.
and sometimes it will "all work out" some magical day in the future.
we still think it will be worth it in the end.
well, we HOPE it will be worth it.
one more year.
one dissertation.
one job offer.
one day at a time.


Diana said...

"Believe in good things to come." I love Elder Holland thanks for the post.

You guys are going to be alright. All of the struggles will pay off.

Shelley Gee said...

I just listened to this today!!! Wow, great minds do think alike. And yes, I am back. And yes again, one day at a time!

Teachinfourth said...

I just saw this video the other day. Definitely a message of hope and not giving up.

Tiffany said...

Hadn't seen this video yet 'til you posted the link.... THANK YOU!!! I really needed this tonight.

P.S. You CAN totally do one more year!!! :-)

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