June 16, 2010

summer ideas- sculpy.

ellie wanted to learn sculpture this summer.
we started with play doh.
we got some books about making bowls with clay- this was not the sculpture she wanted.
we got some books about sculpy figurines.
to ellie, this was real "sculpture"

sculpy was on sale for 50% off last week-- i had 7 dollars so i bought 6 colors. (about $1.15 each.)
JoAnn's had a multi pack of Sculpy for $18.
i may go back with a 50% off coupon and get some more.

i picked an easy bird from our sculpy book...
i forced everyone to make one.
(not physically, i just said they had to make a bird.  even if some wanted to play Wii and some wanted to make Santa Claus.)
i told them the bird was SMALL.
i read the book out loud step by step, "figuring it out" with them.
[It's so important for moms to show kids that they don't know how to do it either-- so important in creating independent kids.]
We all worked together, and EVERYONE loved it.
especially me.

so fun.

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