July 29, 2010

notes on my pillow.

[yes. this post is out of order.  we are now in Idaho, these letters were written while i was in Austen for a PTA conference.  the professor was home with his young.]

i returned home late Sunday night to find love notes stuck under my pillow.
i REALLY adore little girls.
Dear Mom,
I miss you so much! I love you so much!
I wish I could see you right now!
Well I have to go play family game night
but it won't be the same without you!
Love, Anna

Dear Mom,
I miss you so much i can't stop thinking about you and crying.
Drew has been bothering me
and Jakob has been fighting with Drew
and Anna has been acting weird lately.
 and like i said, i miss you so much that i haven't been working. 
And Dad is not controlling his temper.
Love, Ellie
ps.  Lily and Leah have been acting weird.
Love, Ellie.


Rachel Ure said...

ha ha ha . sounds like ellie's going throguh the " my family is weird " phase. funny

Liza said...

Just precious little notes! I love them. Thanks for sharing.

P.S. I told Brandon about our reality series. He laughed and thought it would be a great idea. But, I don't know - maybe the Professor and Brandon would both be the volatile ones. hahaha

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