August 02, 2010

sabbath moments.

sabbath is hard with kids.
there is a balance we must find between making Sunday a day of REST and making Sunday a day of CONTENTION.
true Jewish orthodox, put on their best clothes and dance in the street on the eve of the Sabbath.
I'm afraid that my children put on a face of mourning and count the hours until they can return to their gameboys.

yesterday, we had a morning devotional and talked about some things that we do not do on Sunday
(we had 5)
and things that we DO on Sunday
(we had 30)
{{My favorite-- Ellie suggested that we "teach Aunt Marilyn to walk."-- Aunt Marilyn is Ellie's great aunt.  She has Multiple Sclerosis.}}
We narrowed it down to this principle...
Sunday is a day to draw closer to God and draw closer to Family.

After dinner, the professor and i gathered our kids and drove over to visit with GG... Great Grandma Moss.
We spent the evening performing on her piano (where she taught my mother-in-law to play the piano BEFORE she knew she would one day marry her son.)
We told stories of when GG was little and many stories of Great Grandpa Moss who my children never knew.

There was a moment, while we were sitting there, that tears came to my eyes.
I could feel their Great Grandfather with us.
Smiling and grateful that we took the time to introduce him to them.
I felt the love of eternal families.

On the way home we stopped by the Sugar City Cemetery and visited the graves of our family that has passed on.
my eyes again filled with tears as i saw Great Grandpa Gee's gravestone...

yesterday was the anniversary of his death.
i am grateful that we took time for Sabbath moments.
truly, it was a day to draw closer to family and draw closer to the Lord.

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Teachinfourth said...

I'm glad to hear that you guys could have such a "spiritual" Sabbath. I think that the idea of Sunday being a day to draw closer to God and your family is a great one.

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