August 31, 2010


the professor finished it first and didn't love it.
not a great ending, and he got tired of  Katniss Everdeen's insanity...
he has issues with Bella too.

i defended them both... my sisters.
as i was reading, i totally disagreed with him.
i was hooked, it pulled me through,

then i finished it.
and, i realized i hated it.

i decided i don't like the whole series.

well written + bad message = not worth the time i spent.

harsh, maybe.
but, unlike Suzanne Collins i feel that life is good.
most people are good.
and we can experience a fullness of joy.
Collins seems to stay between really crappy and enduring.

i'm kinda sick of the emotionally unstable female heroins...
everything doesn't have to be happy all the time... but i'm definitely a happy ending person.

i hate reading a book that leaves me down.

hopefully, the movie will be better.


Teachinfourth said...

I liked the first book best (haven't read this one yet) but I do think that Katness is much to much of a whiner. It seems that she worries about everything and that part really started to get to me - especially in the second book.

I do have to read the last one simply because I need to know how it all ends in the end.

Heather said...

have you read 'these is my words'. she's a go-getter. but i can't decide in the end, how i felt about the ending. mostly i just want to talk like her... and be as tough as she is.

LAURA said...

I didn't like the last one....I was in it for the romance/love triangle and the third book disappointed. Oh how I love Peeta! (And I love my husband too!)

Lanette said...

Well, crap, Jen. Now I don't even want to read it. I'm number 170 on the hold list at the library. Ahhhh. I, too, hate unhappy endings. Dang it. What am I gonna do now? I've waited so long. Great.

jenifer said...

Still read it!! how could you not?... just have some quick feel good reading for when you're done.
it's not HORRIBLE, just dissappointing.

and, yes, i have red "these is my words." it was a book group book.
i tend to be a book bulemic... read fast and puke it out. i don't totally remember it. except that i liked the voice not the story.

um, the poisonwood bible... AMAZINGLY written book, it was beautifully written and it STUNK.
horrible, hopeless message.

yes, bad things happen to good people but they are a small moment.
i firmly believe that good people are blessed with JOY and PEACE and HAPPINESS in the end.

i do not read to muddle in the mud. i read to feel and learn and experience. and yes, i want to leave a better person for have invested the time.

i am a happy ending person for sure.

Juli said...

You don't know me. I'm just popping through blogs, but I also read the Hunger Games. I loved the first, liked the second, and hate the third. It was well written. I don't always need a happy ending, but a little hope would be helpful. This book is without hope. But "good on ya" (as they say here in Australia) Suzanne for writing an exciting, thought-provoking book. After waiting over a year for this book, I am extremely disappointed.

Rachel Ure said...

finally finished it. i even bought the box set because i loved the first two so much. But, that last book was torture to get through. it was too sad, too boring ( until the last 100 pages and then toooo depressingly horribly sad) and I just was overwhelmed with a feeling of helplessness. I actually liked the ending. it made sense. it wasn't happy- but it felt hopeful and real. I did get this feeling like i had been taken for a ride only to be dropped off in a wasteland- but i can take it for what it is and move on . to something happy. soon.
i thik they could make an awesome movie out of that last book. i don't know what it would be rated- but there is a great story there, tragic as it is

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