September 01, 2010


i tell my kids to stop growing.
leah explains.
"i can't mom, it's just my body."  then she laughs "you're lying mom.  you're lying right?"

FOUR.  she's FOUR.
i can't believe it.
i LOVE this kid.
she's been mine since the day she was born.
we get each other.
she's a stinker, but she is SO funny.

when she doesn't want to get dressed, she lays on the floor and says,
"I can't i'm broken." or, "I'm dead."
if i give her a serious look she'll say... "Oh, you want me to be un-dead?"

When Leah grows up she wants to be... a Pteranodon.
"because she just loves to.  it's [her] favorite one."

EVERY NIGHT she goes through the list of things she wants to do tomorrow...
If I stay in bed can I...
play on the computer
and go to my friends house
and play with braxon
and go swimming
and eat cheese.
Just say YES even if you know those things won't happen.
It's the possibility that allows her to close her eyes and sleep tight.
IF, like some un-named professors, you argue with her telling her she might not go to a friends house tomorrow...  she'll argue and cry and try to explain with all her might that she is talking about TOMORROW.
you see.   to leah TOMORROW always holds GREAT possibilities.

and so today i am filled with hope.
leah turns four and the future seems bright.
TOMORROW will be a good day.

ps.  have i told you my kids' birthdays?
2-4 (yeah, he's the odd kid...)
4-1 (same as my birthday)
funny huh?!


Teachinfourth said...

My younger & older sisters, mine, and my dad's birthdays (in that order)


Talk about being 'caked out' when Dad's finally gets here.

Happy birthing day to you.

Jaidi Clayton said...

So Jenn, How do you handle if she remembers that you said yes the night before...Felicity does this every night. She hates going to sleep at night. I tell her no and she whines and screams and still won't go to sleep. But if I tell her yes, she remembers and gets angry and yells and screams all day the next day if it doesn't happen! ARGH! :)

jenifer said...

ha! that's an easy one {with leah}... if she asks to play with friends during the day, i just say... we'll play on computer today and play with friends tomorrow!!
she smiles and goes on her day.

and, we really do the things she loves most days, so it's all good.

LAURA said...

how proficient, the first of the month, like paying bills!

My son was born on my birthday also...I love it.

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