September 29, 2010

i LOVE change.

Stillwater, OK
so, it's starting.
the professor is interviewing... i am imagining our life next year all across the country.
in academics, you most often interview in the fall for a position that will take place NEXT fall.
we're not gone yet.
we have almost a whole YEAR left in lubbock...
but, oh it is hard to stay mentally here when so much of my mind is drawn to life next year.

my husband, he's a 100% optimist.
every interview is positive, every school could make him an offer, every town he visits is a great place to raise a family...
and so, it is hard not to get excited about every place i hear about.
Oklahoma State Universitiy, Student Union Building
this week he was in Stillwater, Oklahoma.
he LOVED it.
what do you know about Stillwater?
it seems charming via the internet.

Both Texas Tech and OSU do the "Guns Up" sign... is that a sign?
he has an upcoming trip to Corvalis, Oregon.  (where it is beautiful)
and, Wichita, Kansas... (where we have great friends)
and a video conference with Fayetteville, Arkansas. (which is a great school, and a great place to live, so says a friend that the professor grew up with)

i don't know.
i really think we can be happy anywhere...
and, i just want the decision to be made.
i don't love surprises and not knowing and change.
change is good.

ps.  do you love jakob's hair as much as i do?
he styles it every morning with precision.
i call it "the claw"
cute, huh?!
the professor found me a "horse farm" in Oklahoma.
for about $230 there was a great house, 10 acres, fenced in backyard, darling old barn and acres of fenced in pasture land.  The house only had 4 bedrooms, but we could add on if we needed to.  Oh, and did i tell you, they had apple trees...  yeah.  horses and an orchard.  sounds charming huh?
i would need to paint the cabinets white, but...
i know we're a long way from buying anything... but just knowing it's there makes my heart smile.
i tell you, i could be happy anywhere.  (with 10 acres and apple trees)


Chase and Leah said...

You'd be so close to my inlaws in OK! Although you should be able to hear tons about it from the Gee's right? So far we've just heard about how everyone is SO nice there.

Bliss said...

I was just in Stillwater last week. Only an hour from us.... we can SEW together again!! The weather finally stopped being disgustingly hot and I actually think I might be able to live here. It was touch and go for awhile :) Having you here will make it just that much better :))

Jaidi Clayton said...

I agree with Bliss! You should totally come to Stillwater...Though I could deal with Wichita..I may be going up there for a visit soon myself! :)

valerie in TX said...

(fingers in ears) Lalalalalalalala.

I know all of your old friends will be so happy to get you back, but your newer friends will be so, so sad to see you go. :(

And yes, I love Jakob's hair. Wish my J would still wear his that way!

Teachinfourth said...

I tend to not like change…

Love the hair. It reminds me a bit of mine. His is just baby hair though…not the full spike.

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